everything goes wrong!

have you have one of those days when nothing goes right for you? i had one today, every time i tried to work with my harp, nothing sounded right i couldn’t hit my single notes at all. i couldn’t get no rhythm going. i was so upset with myself. i couldn’t even get the harp to slide on my lips. i’ve been having trouble with it sticking to my lips. any hints what i can do to solve this problem?

Yep! I have those days often, it happens to everyone. Don’t let them discourage you.
The only hint I can offer to help on the sliding is to drink plenty of water and use less of the dry outside of the lips (what people see) and more of the moist inside (part against teeth).

Yeah, make sure you’ve got a deep mouth position with the harp. Still, sometimes it happens as you play. Can’t really get rid of it completely. Be sure to lick the lips during natural pauses in your playing, just get in the habit.

I’ve only been playing for about six months. It frustrates me that I’m not better than I want to be, but it is coming with practice.

When worst comes to worst, just put the harp down, take a break - even if its for a day or two if you need it - then come back reinvigorated.

Hang in there.

ok , thanks for the tip. i’ve been keeping a bottle of water close by. thanks again.