Experimenting with making classical music on diatonic harmonicas

Hi there.

I haven’t had much luck yet with making it through as an artist, but hey. I might frustrated sometimes, but most of the times I’m just happy playing. If you wish to listen to some of my recordings, I have them on SoundCloud (much of the older ones there are likely too samey, I’m trying harder lately to make those uploads worth uploading), and I also very recently opened a BandCamp account.

Otherwise I’m from Zagreb, Croatia, and in my mid thirties. I have had many difficulties with mental health and have been institutionalized many times (a few months over a year in total), though I’m doing much better in the recent years, at least by my own account. I haven’t ever been a drug user (except tobacco and coffee, and if you consider so the meds).

Greetings to everyone here, and any feedback is very welcome.

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-801031825
BandCamp: https://bojankmetic.bandcamp.com

Aloha Bojan

So happy to have you here my friend. Thank you for sharing your music. Sounds great! I think adding in some singe notes as well as chords will help create the diversity in your compositions that it sounds like you are seeking.

If you haven’t worked on single notes yet, I’ve got a blog about here: https://www.harmonica.com/single-notes-on-harmonica-for-beginners-61804.html.

Rock on,

Thanks luke! I’ve been told by my dad the same. He played harmonica a long time ago and is good at recognizing the difference between single and multiple tones. I’ve checked out the blog and will likely continue checking it out. I previously read some reviews there as well as advice on harmonica higiene, which is in very close relationship with your own health. Which was timely, since I even had some pulmonary difficulties for lack of better care. Since then I decided better to keep with ABC plastic harmonicas and leave the wooden comb ones for when I’m more prepared to take better care of my harmonicas and myself as well.