Feedback on bending progress?

Hey guys, so I’m new here. I decided to join primarily because I feel like I’m only getting so far playing in my room by myself =).

The video is my attempt at bending on the 3 draw. I don’t know how much advice can be given on the basis of a video, but I just thought I’d post my progress and see if I can get any feedback.

Primary questions are:
Am I on the right track?
What am I doing wrong/what could I improve?

Thanks a bunch in advance!

So I am working thru my lessons and also Vault lessons. I practice my lessons, single note regiment, and have begun reviewing and practicing bending technics you teach- excellent lessons ( doing this to break up my lessons and it provides me the “patience” as I simply am “trying the Technics”). Anyway wanted to share with you that I found this great app for Android devices called the Pro Harmonica Tuner. It will show you- as you are practicing Technic for single, chords, and bending if you are in fact hitting the note. It allows you to set the key, scale, position, etc. I find it to be a positive re enforcement. Now I need to locate that beat app.