Fender Mustang

Fender has come out with a new amp called the Mustang, and priced at $99. It looks very interesting, and I wonder if anyone has seen or played this amp?


I personally know nothing about amps…yet. :-[

But yeah, this one looks interesting. :slight_smile:


Keep on Harpin’!

Wow I was thinking Roland Cube Amp, but this one seems better, I wonder what the difference’s are between the two.

Harp on!!

If possible it’s best to try an amp first. Some will feedback really bad with a mic plugged into it. My first was a Behringer 30 watt modeling amp. It was a feedback monster. Plug a guitar into it and it rocked! But for harp it just was not meant to be. As far as solid state amps go, check into a KONA 20 watt. I think they are around $125. They will play loud with little feedback. Has a clean and dirty channel and a really nice reverb. I ended up with one at a benefit auction. Didn’t really want it, but it was for a good cause, a local VFW.

Joe, I have the Roland Street Cube amp. It does a pretty good job. I don’t have any feedback issues with it and am starting to mess with the different effects. They are interesting for sure. I just don’t have enough experience to know how they compare to other systems. What I may like about it is that it is small, battery powerable, and would be perfect for busking when I work up the courage.

That said, this Fender amp, especially if $99 is the price, seems an incredible value…if it works. The software seems interesting as well. I have more than $99 invested in music software alone. I agree with harplayer that you should try it out first. I have bought my wife a couple of guitar amps over the years and neither worked as advertised.

So, if the Fender lives up to your expectations, it may be a better value than the Roland. But, the Roland is a proven product. I also have the Roland KC150 amp for my keyboard and it is a great amp.

I know several guitar players who have Roland amps. They do work quite well. I’ll have to try my band mates Roland to see how it does with a mic. If I do I’ll get back with my review.