Finally figured out the 2 hole draw...

Thanks to a youtube video by Adam Gussow.
I cannot for the life of me figure out his vibrato technique though. I can’t even find my Adam’s apple.

His discription was hard for me too! Look up Jason Ricci’s YouTube lesson on it. He uses his diaphram/stomach muscles. I find it easier.

I’m taking JP’s Happy Harpin’ lesson series and came to lesson 46 where he talks about breathing in and out of your nose while playing. In order to know whether you’re breathing with your nose, he suggests holding your nose then releasing it. When I did that, all of the sudden I could play the 2 hole draw really well. I thought this might help someone else.

I haven’t had any problems with the 2 draw, it’s the 3 draw that’s killing me. I’m using an ‘A’ harmonica, does that have anything to do with it? Last night I taped off all of the other holes with scotch tape and I couldn’t get any tone with that 3 draw. I was convinced the harmonica was broken until I tried the nose plugging technique that WW mentioned. It worked but I’m still struggling to get consistent good sound with it. Has this been a problem for anyone? Or any other advice would be welcomed. Thank you.

I’m using an ‘A’ harmonica, I couldn’t get any tone with that 3 draw.

What do you mean you couldn’t get any tone with 3 Draw?

A) No single note sound at all?

B) You could get the single note, but not bend or think you couldn’t bend?

If A, recheck your embouchure (lips) on the hole. Move the harmonica around until you can/do hear a clear note.

If B, it takes time. If you have a C harp, either a Spec20, Lee Oskar or better, and a tuner like a Korg or even one online – Play with that a while until you can hear and see the notes change on it as you practice the bends. Then go back to the A harp, and play them interchangeably until you know you know you can do it.

Hope this helps.

Keep On Harpin’!