Finaly i bought it!

Hello all.
I am young harmonica player(well 19 isn’t young, but still), who finally made his dream true. I bought my harmonica. I have wanted to play it for a long time, but i have had never time to play this. I have never had any music school lesson, because i think, if people like to do or play what they like, then everything is possible.

I forgot. I am not from America or English speaking country, so i might have some word order mistakes.

Cool Beans, TP!

Which harmonica did you finally start out with?

Hope you signed up for all the free JP Allen lessons, and take a big look around – Will find plenty to keep you busy for quite awhile I’d imagine!

Your English is fine, excellent even…Better than us here in the peanut gallery! Hehehe!!

So where are you from then?



Keep On Harpin’!

Welcome to The Forum ! The older you get the younger 19 seems! To most of us you are just lossing your training wheels!
Good Luck with your Harmonica journey.
Ask any questions and someone here will be able to answer or point you in the right direction.

I bought Hohner Golden Melody C. But now if i keep playing on it all the time, i noticed that i would like something lower or smoother(sound which you would like to play while sitting on the beach or something).
And yes, i am reading your forum from the begging to the end and back agen.

Don’t know if it something, but my first song which i learned was OH SHENANDOAH. I love the rhythm.

And this is why i mostly wanted to start playing harmonica. So every time i like to go to the wild or the beach i can play something which suits to my character.

I know this isn’t right place where to ask about single note, but still. Is it wrong when i tongue to blow singel note? I wont block other holes, just put tongue on the hole i want to blow.

Using the tongue to play the single note is bad later down the line when you want to advance past the single note. You will want to try learning the Deep Relaxed Imbrosure to keep your tongue free for bending and other articulations later. I made this mistake when I first started playing and it is a very hard habbit to break.Also the sound is richer and more volume is available when playing for a group using the Deep Relaxed Imbrosure.
Everyone likes the lower harps, but most all beginning lessons will call for a “C” harp.

Using the tongue to play the single note is bad
Dammit, boy! If I wasn't so rugged and hardy already, I'd fear you was giving me a complex! :o


Seriously and no bullshit aside though –

Both tongue blocking and lip blocking are/should be learned and cherished!

We offer many fine discussions on these matters from our great contributors here on the forum.

Just a couple of several to get you started on the right track:!-%28a-whistle-goes-a-long-way!%29/msg63/#msg63


BTW: We all love Shenandoah, we really do! :-*

Oh, and all is forgiven, PB! :wink:


Rock on, yo!!

I think he is talking about the U tongue block and rolling the tongue up to aim at one note, which is a bad idea.

HMMMMM!! Shenandoah cool song Got to try it some time.

Welcome to the forum Tauri where you from man ???

Harp On!!

O I C, G-Man!

Well could be, so I’ll sit corrected! :slight_smile:

Although when I use the tongue, especially on the GMs, it’s virtually imperceptible as
whether I’m using the side or U to get the hole. And I do interchange with puckers as well.

And no, I don’t have anything like Gene Simmons, who could probably do a 1-10 or more octave block in a single tongue slap, eh?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Rock on, yo!

Way Fairing Stranger is easier to play, though. ;D

I just couldn’t help it, Joe! MUHAHAHA!

I believe he was talking about shaping the tongue into a U shape to hit the single notes which is what I did in the beginning and wish I had been told not to. This is different than Tongue Blocking (using the tongue to cover the hole(s) you don’t want to play) which is a must learn technique —later in my opinion. If your tongue is curled into a U playing the single notes it won’t be free for tongue blocking or bending when the when it comes time or at least I find it difficult.
JP calls it a dead end approach to single notes and Jon Gindic says to leave your tongue free for more important techniques. These two referances are what changed me from playing with the U shaped tongue.

Hey TP,

Way to go! I’m so excited you’re ready to take on the harmonica…it’s a fun ride…Looking forward to helping you in whatever way I can.

And thanks guys for chiming in on the tongue blocking discussion, I think we’ve reached a consensus…lot’s of good info here…soak it up TP.

Your harmonica buddy,


Heh, i live in Estonia. I bet you don’t know where it is. Let me explane you. It’s next to Finland and Russia.

Good to be here Sir.

i live in Estonia. I bet you don't know where it is.

Sure doz! Right next to his partner Wald Orf and their collection of pet bed buggers…yowzah! {@L@}–104483874.html

Hmm - tasty --NOT!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, well as far as i can see the deep relaxed mouth is the begging of everything. So i need to work my ass off with it :wink:

That is it! It is not that hard! You will get it. This is just a bump in the road not a hill to climb.

Heh, nicely said :smiley: It’s a bump. Ohh i have a question about that 30 degrese angle. If i blow sometimes the then i block the sound with my mouth, so the sound won’t come out. Am i doing something wrong?

I would guess your tilting it too far. 30 degrees just gets you in the area. everyone is different. Different size lips,tongue,mouth cavity, ect. Work the harp up and down and find YOUR sweet spot.
Anyone else got suggestions for him?

Howdy TP!

Well, looking through the floors of our own Wald Orf Estonia here, I believe this can add some shine and clarity to your quest. :wink:!/

Hope it helps!

Keep On Harpin’!

And the ahaa, i can do that moment will be when i but the harmonica into my mouth and play single note every singel time?