Finished all the beginner Lessons need a buddy

Hello from the Blueridge mountains of Virginia. I have finished my beginner set and play everyday but I want to take JP’s advice and get a buddy. So if there is anybody that is looking for the same doesn’t matter what level please reach out.
Happy Harpin!

Hello Henneman - My name is Larry Hobdey out of Meridian, Idaho - long ways from Virginia. Saw your post. I went through the entire Happy Harpin’ DVD series about 6-7 years ago and still play harp to this day. Have a passion for it actually. Currently I am studying the blues genre through a website called, with instructor David Barrett. been doing that for about 5 years now. So I am mostly familiar with 2nd position playing and the 12 bar blues structure but I have learned several non blues songs over the years too. I concentrate now on the tongue blocking style of playing which I really enjoy what that can do. I would be happy to communicate with you, answer any questions, share ideas or whatever being a music buddy means to you. Wished I lived closer as I have been hoping to find a local harmonica buddy all these years and so far haven’t done so. Keep on Harpin!

Hey Larry so sorry it has taken so long to reply. Idaho is no further away than a click of the button anymore. I just really wanted someone to play along with and learn from. If you are up for it we can set something up on line so that we can play together.