First Bend but on another Harp

I’ve been trying to bend for a month.

I must be incredibly slow - and I just couldn’t get it - i’d gone through JPs DVD a couple of times; tried a number of other sources online and just couldn’t work it out.

I’ve just come back and noticed the article on harmonica which I’d not seen before and went through this.

Still no luck…

Just for a laugh I thought I’d try my new A Harp “Hohner - Marine Band” that I brought the other day when I attended my first Folk Festival and I managed to bend the 3 draw almost immediately.

I’ve gone back to my C Harp - “Honer - Big River Harp” but couldn’t seem to replicate the approach.

Anyway I’m massively excited now - I’m going to drive my wife mental practising tonight.

Well, good for you! The breakthrough is always exciting!

Keep practicing!

And don’t drive the wife too nuts… you might need her later on! lol


Cool beans, Mitch!

Yes, Dave Harp, the great teacher/author/humanitarian, says if you can’t get the bends on one harmonica, switch it out to another key and see what you can do. He recommends using an A and/or an F, then go back to the C later.

Works for me too! Hehehe!

Insofar as the Big Rivers are concerned – Well, I eventually came to learn/accept they are airy harps for beginners to start with. As they are part of Hohner’s MS series, and we’ve had many discussions throughout the forum on what all that means…

Still and nevertheless, if you’re willing to do some easy work on your own BR, our most recent topic discussion here can be applied and help:

Good luck!

Keep On Harpin’!

Hey Mitch,

so glad to hear you nailed it…bend on brother.

Your harmonica buddy,