First harp boo boo?!

Hello everyone. I was looking to buy a harmonica to learn to play on and instead of doing any research, I bought a vintage Koch/Hohner Chromatic. I have now done some research because it looks daunting and like its way too much harp for me and I realise that this is really not Chromatic but more like two richter diatonics. Do I cut my losses and just learn to play diatonic on it without using the slide and then add the slide as I get better? Or do I just sell it, and find a diatonic to learn on?
The holes seem bigger because if the slide and it does feel bigger in my hands, so maybe it’s not a bad thing?

Howdy Benruss!
The Koch may be difficult for some to learn.
It’s not exactly the same as a regular diatonic, but close.
Why not keep it but also buy a regular diatonic to learn on?
You may fall in love with the Koch later on…and maybe you’ll
sell it then, but who knows? Give it a chance and learn on a
Special 20 or other decent starter harmonica first.