Floods in Queensland

We here in Queensland have been experiencing some of the worst floods seen in many years. 8 people at present confirmed dead with many more missing.
I thought I’d share this sad news item with you.

Queensland Floods, More Rain Falls | 10 Jan 2011 - ABC News

You guys and Gals, be sure to follow all warnings! Be safe! We bill prayin’ for ya!
Just real cold in Texas, Got down 4 degrees F this morning. Parts of the area has -20 wind chill factor, BBRRRRR! I think I’d rather have cold than floods, Be careful!!!

Praying for y’all!

–Burning Thunder

I’ve noticed that our Down Under Aussie friends have been quiet here for the past week or so.

Since recent posts indicate they’re within relative proximity to each other - I am hoping and praying they, their families and friends are safe and out of harm’s way.

And am hoping and praying to hear from all when it’s over.

God Speed!

Peace & God Bless!

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Joseph aka SPD

Hi All,

We are safe and well and thankfully high and dry.

Still waiting to hear from David T. I sent a PM but at this stage I haven’t heard back. The flood waters peaked a metre lower than expected this morning and although a lot of damage and thousands of people have moved out of their homes to wait the outcome hopefully we have reached the peak.

Brisbane is waking up to chaos this morning however the sun is just coming up and the sky is blue.


Still waiting to hear from David T.

Please let us know when you do…


In similar news, for those of us who meet up and hang out at Seamus’ Harmonica Club Chatroom, we have a good friend from Brazil, near the place of the recent mudslides and floods.

I saw him online before their stuff happened, but not since.

Am hoping and praying he and his family is doing okay too!

David T is high and dry at least for now.

I’ll let you know if I hear othewise.

Harp On!!

All my family were ok. None of us live close by the river or any tributories. But it is really bad covering a massive area larger than your State of Texas. We were isolated for days and quite scary really when the supermarkets are stripped bare with no bread, milk or toilet paper. I have actually taken a liking for Rice Milk! It will be years before things return to normal ie our economy has taken a massive hit & many businesses will not survive.

Well things and materials can always be replaced, if not in their original form, at least in some facsimile thereof…Yet people cannot!

Appreciate your letting us know how you’re doing…

Thank God, you and yours are safe, Mr T!

Sincerely & Resectfully,

Joseph aka SPD

The floods in Queensland have eased and the cleanup is well on the way. It will take months and in some cases years to get back to normal. The flood waters are now moving through the southern state of Victoria and we are thinking of them at this time. I wanted to post a link to show some of the flood waters we experienced here in Brisbane.

       <a href="http://www.abc.net.au/news/infographics/qld-floods/beforeafter.htm">http://www.abc.net.au/news/infographics/qld-floods/beforeafter.htm</a>

Move your mouse from left to right over each picture to see how the flood covered these suburbs.These are the best aerial pictures I’ve seen of the flooding. Amazing what satellites can pick up. Click on the link to larger maps and you can zoom out to the whole of Brisbane and beyond

We’ve had really bad snow and flooding recently in the UK but nothing on that scale. it’s not just the water though - it’s the mud and debris that it deposits as well after the water recedes. Wish there were more we could do.

My brother-in-law lives in Sydney so we’ve been concerned it hasn’t got that far down. As others have said - praying for you.