Florida Harpsters!

Looking to connect locally !

I play most genres; but love Blues (of Course) and Country has become my new friend!

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Hey @Richie - great to have you here. Welcome. Where in the world do you live?

Aloha from Hawaii,

I’m going to go out on a limb here, the banner reads “Florida Harpesters!” so I’m going to guess that @Richie is from somewhere in Florida? I’m in Jacksonville, the birthplace of Southern Rock and Roll. Been playing guitar for awhile and have always wanted to learn the harp. I’m a die hard Blues and Southern Rock devotee. Still a total newb, and like Richie having problems staying as motivated as I would like to be. I’ve become fair at single notes, major scale, struggling to get my bends down. I would graciously welcome any words of advice and/or encouragement. I used to teach math so I know that we do try harder when we engage with our peers, so if anyone is in the Jax area I would love to hear from you. Thanks folks, PEACE :v::heart::metal::sunglasses:

Hello Dewayne,
I’m a little further south…Sebastian. I’m new to the forum.
I play in some jams around town, mostly straight harp (Honer Special 20, and Dave Barrett’s recommendation, the Crossover) I’m attempting to learn cross harp positions too. Blues and Old Country Classics. Glad to meet a fellow Floridian.