Forgive me for being cautious!

I lost my dad almost 2yrs ago and I just recently came across JP’s teaching course. He stated that learning the harp helped him get over the loss. I was almost hooked then…lol. But, I just want and need to know that he’s legit and the lessons are worth it. Thank you guys for understanding.

Well, I guess I should have read a little further. The more I read the more I find out JP’s lessons are probably the best way for me to go. Sorry guys :-\

Howdy fishnbud, and welcome to the forum.
I have an older version of JP’s lesson set, and it’s great.
The new stuff should be even better. The method will
work for about anybody with ANY musical skill/talent level.
I’m an old musician and music educator, and I will endorse
the program (unofficially) for young and old. I am not affiliated
with JP other than having chatted with him in the threads.
Nice guy.