Found my long-lost Little Walter Cassette!

I was hunting through some old junk in the loft a couple of days ago and found my Little Walter “Blues With A Feeling” cassette tape I bought years ago! I’m trying to get the levels right to record it to MP3’s for my MP3 player. Fantastic playing! Really inspirational, but there is one track where the reverb/echo is a bit OTT! Lots of trills though.

Well happy! ;D

Cool beans, FJ!

Yes, there are plenty of trills and thrills in Little Walter!!

And while I mentioned this particular book before, I’ll do it again:

It contains “Blues With A Feeling” and many Little Walter and SBW2 and other great harpsters’ songs too! :slight_smile:

Highly recommended!! :wink:


“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

To think my kids won’t even know what a cassette is.

My kids think vynil is hilarious!