From Michigan.. new to this forum

Hello everyone! I’ve been playing for 7 or 8 years and in a band playing a mixture of music from 70’s to modern. We are all 50 somethings trying to keep from aging I guess! I’m just trying to figure out how to get better and accomplish a better sound from technique and technology. I have a Digitech RP255 with Richard Hunter’s patches and playing around with that, but mulit fx pedals aren’t necessarily the best way to go… very complicated to switch fx on the fly. I’m also using an Audix Fireball V mic and playing through a Fender Acoustasonic amp cause it’s CLEAN! Plus it has it’s own mixture of FX to diddle around with. So, hello and harp on!

Awesome! Post some videos of y’all playing!

Glad you joined us!


Welcome! Looks like you have all your ducks in a row! Good to have you join our group. Been real quiet lately so give us something discuss! LOL

Greetings for the Land of Oz to the state of Michigan. Definitely sounds like you have gone beyond playing Jingle Bells and similar in the “Learn to play Harmonica in only 20minutes” book series. :wink:

What harp players float your boat?


I feel a little odd saying “Welcome” to someone from my 7th post, but it’s good to see ya. Maybe you can impart a little wisdom on a fellow DigiTech pedal owner. I just acquired an RP350 last weekend. $50, Craigslist. This thing is a lot of fun. It packs hours of practice.

Interesting choice on the Fender Acoustasonic. I watched a couple go by on Craigslist here in Dallas, but I had my sights set for something “all tube”. I have seen it here, and elsewhere, “if you don’t have a good sound, there isn’t an amplifier out there that’s going to make you sound good”. I bet that Acoutasonic will hang you out there with nothing but the tone you brought with you. How is it with the (RP255) amp modeling? So far, I have only played mine through a Peavey Sessions 400 (S/S, Steel Guitar amp, 15" Black Widow, 200 watts) which is a really clean amp, but the RP350 instills a lot of character.

Hi I have lived in Michigan all my life. My name is Guy And I have been playing about a year due to a bad accident on a snowmobile I had . It helps with my breathing because I’m in a wheelchair now for life. But I really enjoy the harmonica. I have about 17 harmonicas, hohner,Suzuki, Sydel various models and keys. I live in Swartz Creek,Mi and recently had to retire from GM because I’m in a wheelchair. But I’m enjoying life with the help of medical maryjane.