From Virginia,

I appreciate this course because it really stresses the fundamentals. Anyway, for anyone trying to learn anything, qualified instruction is the key. I am struggling with timing and will try a metronome. I tried to learn with youtube but most teach the pucker for beginners. I like the deep tilt method which helped me understand bending. I will get back to it.

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Hey! So good to hear from you. Welcome.

Thank you. I am a big man, and the harmonica seems so small in my hand. Not much I can do but keep on trucking.

Hi, I’m Peter, I’m from Liverpool, England.

I have been trying for years on and off to learn to play harmonica with the aid of youtube videos and various instructional books and cds but always found myself being more confused. I have just started JPs Happy Harpin’ course and from the very first lesson I feel that I might actually get somewhere this time.

Hello Peter, From Virginia here. I signed up for lessons and got Luke and you got JP as your tutor. I wonder why. Makes no difference I suppose. I started harmonica over a year and a half ago and found that I was doing it wrong for over a year. Nothing beats a good instructor. It will require a lot of time and dedication on my part. Good luck to you!

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I purchased my beginner course last year which was JP’s course and I think that is unavailable now as I think Luke’s beginner course is being offered instead. That course also looks good I am wondering if I would benefit from that as well after I finish JP’s lessons.
Good luck to you too. :+1:

Luke does chords before single notes. I liked that very much.

Yes JP starts you with basic chords, I haven’t gotten to the single note section yet. just moving through the lessons slow and steady repeating any that I need to along the way. I’ll get there I’m sure.