Hey everyone,I have found J.P Allens Website more than helpful so a huge thanks to him, but alas I find myself getting frustrated frequently as I seem to have gotten to a certain stage and find it hard to move past it, I can now play along to about 5 songs and sound pretty good but cannot seem to advance,I practice most days but cannot seem to re-create the sounds that I hear, particlarly in the blues riffs, I do however love playing the harp but want to improve from where I am, any suggestions or links to help me would be much appreciated, cheers everyone :wink:
P.S I started playing the harp because my late Grandfather played it and I want to carry on his legacy. R.I.P Grandad, I love you and miss you.
Oh and I play a Hohner 10 hole blues harp in a ‘C’ key which my Grandmother brought for me.

Howdy Spooky! Oooh! :o Hehe!

Sure, look around the posts from others and see where they’re at too!

This will help get you started:

But rather than generalities, what specifically do you need help with?

Am sure we can all pitch in to help you!


PS: Nice story about your Grandparents too there! :slight_smile:

Hey Street player dude, thanks for that man, I think some of my trouble lies in my breathing techniques but I cant seem to carry a riff through and then get that cool bluesey sound, I can bend O.K but carrying the sound through from hole to hole with the chugging sound is a challenge for me too, I hope ya’ll can make sense from what I am saying, is hard to explain without showing you what I mean as I am sure you can appreciate,
any tips would be helpful though and i will relay my progress through this awesome site :wink:
Cheers Dudes.

Spooky how long have you been playing 1 year or less i think to be able to play along with 5 songs isn’t so bad…Your obviously getting single clear notes ok. Work on vibrato that adds
alot to your playing I think. I love that sound.

Maybe shorten down your practice to just one riff and play it over and over till you get it locked in.

Ever try recording yourself theres lots of free recording software out there. I think recording your self and listening will help you to improve. Record yourself add some effects maybe like a little reverb and you’ll be amazed how good you sound. Here’s a link to download some free recording software.

Harp on!!

Just posted something on your very concerns, Spooky!

BTW - Like my teacher told me oh so hundreds of times: “I can’t do anything for you! You have to do it on your own! Even if it means you have to look for and seek out the information for yourself as well! It’s part of the learning process itself! But do feel free to talk about what you’ve found! And we’ll talk about it! That’s what I’m here for!”

Thing is, there’s a whole lot of new information to go through here, being shared by everyone! And we’re all in this together too, Spooky! All of us too! :slight_smile:


Keep on harpin’!

Thankyou dude for the feedback, you guys are awesome, cheers! :slight_smile: