Fund Raiser

Does anyone in the group have experience in small scale fund raising?

It seems the older I get the more benefits I play. It depends on what you are tyring to achieve when you plan a benefit. Take the time to secure a location, get firm confirmation from contributing acts, have a sound system that is more than adequate, advertise the event,
most newspapers have section that offers a free add for such an event (some papers have restrictions so ask) Ask local merchants and businesses to contribute prizes, food, ice , water, etc. Is a church involved? If so they may have a location. If the person/s in need are connected throughout a community the turn out of support comes from seemingly everywhere, make sure you have enough help (security if needed) A bank account to which folks can write checks or deposit to is a good idea (some newspapers stipulate this to avoid scams, before they will give a PSA) If you have a lot of acts you’ll need to budget time in order to accomodate all the players, balance your presentation in terms of experience on stage, try not to have the Heavy Metal act follow 'Crosstown Cloggers". Benefits are alot of work, but the needs far outweigh effort.
Good Luck, Super President

A bucket and sign works good too!

Oh, and a much-traveled spot on a roadway intersection, as well.

Make sure you get there early, as you’ll have to watch out fighting the free-loading bridge trolls for space!

Raise lots of cash!

Good luck!

Yeah…I’ve done quite a few things over my career.

Make of list of what you need…food, location, decorations, entertainment, etc.

Then get LOTS of people to help! Split it up…get as much as possible donated…

But that’s just how we do it in NE!

Peace Out!


Are you looking for fund raising ideas, or are you wanting to put on a benefit show? As a high school band director, one of my many faces was Fund Raiser Man.