Gateway Harmonica Club of Saint Louis

This is a chromatic harp group I’ve been a member of for several years. We mostly perform for churches, retirement and nursing homes in the greater Saint Louis. We also have a blues group that meets before the chromatic players meet.

Cool! :slight_smile:

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” works for everyone!! :wink:

That’d be fun to be a part of!

I’m only about an hour from where you guys meet, I’ve always wanted to make it out there sometime, but I never manage to pull it off. It also seemed to be very chromatic centered so I didn’t know how much diatonic stuff would be going on.

It is all about chromatic practice from 7-8 pm every Tuesday. The blues group meets from 6-7pm on the same evenings at the Rock Hill Church. Then we normally have “open mic” from 8-9pm that everyone is welcome to join in. Both diatonic and chromatic. Please join us sometime. Where are you located by the way?


I envy all you foreigners from the big countries the possibility of playing in harmonica groups and share knowledge like that. I have never before met anyone who plays the harmonica, but I hope that I one day will find somebody to talk harp with.

Well your in good company now. Keep in touch with everyone here. I love chatting about harps and music.

Where are you whiskat?

Bergen, Norway.

Welcome Whiskat.