Gave away a Harp!!

Had a good experience hear tonight, was at grocery store ran into a buddy of mine. I’ve been trying to get him to
start learning how to play harmonica. He said he had, one a couple days ago. Well anyways at the store he
came up to me and said he couldn’t find it. Now this guy has like no extra money at all. Big family and not a
great paying job.

So I said Bob if I give you a harmonica and a book will you practice. He said sure. So I drove home he lives right down
the street from me. I grabbed the first book I learned on David Harp’s beginning blues or something I forgot the title.
And I grabbed him my least used harp, Sorry Hobo I know you use these but I don’t like them personally Lee Oskar key
of C.

Pretty darn good first harp for this guy. But hopefully ultimately me and him can jam together.

Some one to talk and play harmonica with COOL!! Well worth it.

And oh yea he runs the sound booth at our Church, Guess we may have some practice time there using some of
there equipment. Amped up!! ya baby.

It felt good though I hope he learns. I went over to his house walked in and started playing the Star Wars theme that you posted SPD,
his kids came flying around the corner grinning ear to ear wondering how I was doing that.

Figured I would share that… ;D

Harp On!!

thats to cool at least you gave him a good harp,Karma will bring something good for ya,I gave my brother a swan i had done some custmizing with it played pretty good after i gapped and embosssed it this was a couple months ago,Then sunday i was asking about Busman for chugging cause there having a chugging contest in a few weeks and the Bushman are on sale I said all i had was LO and there not good for chugging,On a differeent forum that i just joined ,And the nice fellow on there said Hobo im going to do,you a favor sence your from oklahoma and im a old okie. LOL and hes sending me a hering 1932 mike pieozo,harp tuned to prewar tuning perfect for chugging,I couldnt believe it,Im so gratful i cant wait to play it,im going to work my butt off for the contest just for him.So im sure your friend is thankful for you generous gift.

Great. I have done this a couple of times but have been a bit disappointed with the response ie initially enthusiastic but after a while the usual ‘oh I’ve been far too busy’ etc. They have to make a commitment.

Now I adopt a completely different approach. I have put together a resources kit which I can easily download & give to anyone who shows interest. The kit contains info on what harp to get ie key of C in one of the mid priced plastic bodied eg Lee Oskar, Bluesmaster or Sp20. I say what they can expect to pay & list some local retailers whom I know hold stock. I suggest a few publications. Have copied a CD & DVD of some very early learning stuff which is freely available off the net. A listing of Harmonica sites like this & schools which are on the net. Plus some easy tabs to start them on simple tunes.

Last Friday morning after doing laps at our swimming pool I was talking with one of the regulars who informed me that he did swimming each morning as he was a bad asthmatic & had found that swimming kept his asthma at bay. I asked him had he ever thought about playing a harmonica as it would also help his breathing. He became enthused. Anyway on Monday morning I presented him with the kit & this morning he announced that he had his Sp20. He has already made a commitment but I certainly will guide him in these early stages.

Joe, very good. I’m happy for you. Sounds like you’ll be playing at church in no time!