G'day from Australia

Hi everyone, my name is Matt and my username is Crowboy. I am from a small town in Australia called Goulburn. It is the oldest inland city in Australia and primarily rural economy. I am a horticulturalist and play some guitar and a bit of harmonica. I decided to join up JP’s lessons because I bought and tried out quite a few books but they just didn’t give me the sound I was looking for. I love the blues and rock so looking forward to getting into the lessons and then jamming along with some friends.



Howdy Matt. Welcome to the forum.


Welcome !!!

Glad you joined us!


well you be harping as you like in no time.
i had a harp for years when i was young .just blowing noise …
now a week of playing around having the lessons . i can now jam …and thats only with the first few lessons in blues …



Thanks very much for the welcome and the replies. I have played around with the harmonica for years but it never seemed to click with me. I would spend ages and learn a bunch of songs and play them in the band I was in but they seemed to me to be methodical and tense. There was none of the smooth looseness of the greats like Junior Wells etc. When I watched the preliminary lessons with JP it was his “Stick the harmonica deep into your mouth at a downward angle” that suddenly made a difference. I had been basically kissing the harp and keeping my lips/mouth/jaw tight to ensure an airtight seal. I am looking forward to just messing around with the blues, jamming away and having fun. I signed up straight away for the lessons and enjoying them a lot. Matt