G'day from Sydney!

G’day everyone, I’m Matt. I live in Sydney, Australia and have been playing music for around six years (Electric Bass, Guitar and dobro) and the Harmonica for around four years. I love Blues music and my favourite Harmonica players would have to be James Cotton and of course, Little Walter.
I’ve been searching for a forum like this for the harmonica for a long time! So glad i stumbled across this! Cheers MC ;D

Welcome/ G’day Mate!
Good to have you join our little group!

g’day Matt from another Matt.

I am down the highway a bit at Goulburn. Great to see another Aussie on the forum. I too love the blues and play guitar, mainly 6 string acoustic and Dobro.

Have fun mate, the forum is a great place to get information and ideas

You never know I may even be able to help your hapless/hopeless Blues up to a QLD standard so we don’t have yet another 3 zip State of Origin win :wink:


Another Aussie never hurts!

Glad you joined us!


Too true, I find it interesting that there are so few Aussies on the forum. I know that the shops here sell harmonicas and presumably people buy them but maybe they blow into the holes a few times and then stick the harp into a drawer thinking they will get back to it some time later.


Well, from an American’s perspective…there seems to be (in terms of members from countries)


But thats my view…maybe its just that the Aussies on here are active!

Peace Out!


It could also be just that we are vocal, pushy and like to be heard :wink:

Either way we seem to create a presence on the board\


Another one here from Brisbane. Been playing for the last 18 months and again love the blues. Must be something in the water.
Anyway, great to have you aboard.

Ok so we now have:

One Cockroach from Sydney

One Canetoad from Brisbane

Me, an expat from South Oz living in Goulburn

We are getting there.

We should try to arrange a meet at the Byron Bay bluesfest next year


And I’m another one from Brisbane.

Blimey, the Queenslanders are taking over :wink: