G'day there from Newcastle, Australia.

Well i’ve literally just purchased JP’s harmonica bundle yesterday, not the hard copy dvd’s but have access to all the video’s via online etc…
I havent even had a chance to really start yet but before I do, I start on the “core essentials” lessons/dvds first right ?? then once comfortable with that, move onto the “getting campfire ready” lessons , right ??

eager to get my harp lessons underway…

Welcome! Several people here from Australia. Maybe 1 will be close by you.

Hi Vegemitor,

Great to have you with us on the forum. I am from Brisbane and like you started with JP’s bundle and really enjoying getting in and learning this little instrument. It won’t be all plain sailing but just hang in there and ask the forum any questions you need answered and someone will be able to assist. I think the key to learning the harp or any instrument is practice and when you thing you have done enough, do some more.

Once again, welcome to the forum and all the best.

then move on, and in a month or so back up and do it again.

Pleased to meet you!

Feel free to ask any questions!

Peace Out!


Howdy and welcome, Vegemitor! I hope you enjoy the forum as much as the rest of our gang does.


G’day from Tassie to all the Aussie guys on here.
Looking forward to chatting & making progress with all of you.