Gettin Gutsy

Hi everyone, just thought I would add a little to what I have read so far. I am amazed at the reaction to people when I play. I am on our Church worship team, I play drums. A few months ago, I went tout and bought 5 Lee Oskar harps, then I found JP online, (I know, I did that backwards lol). I had messed around for years but never got serious or ever played in front of more that 3-4 friends and then it was ONLY “Camptown Races”. Anyway, I have had a few opportunities to play harp in Church when the tune called for it. Last Sunday, I showed up for rehearsal and there was one tune I ended up on harmonica on. We only practiced it for 5 minutes so I was nervous as all get out! Anyway, I allowed myself to get into it and I was really amazing. One point, I am not skilled , yet, the point is, the harp is so easy to play if you are not tentative about it, just blow that harp! I was actually playing the descant, totally improved and it sounded so cool. After the service, a lady whom I have known for 20 years came up to me to tell me how much she enjoys whenever I play. She told me her late husband, who I knew pretty well, played harp and “he would have just loved it today”. Anyway, I wanted to finally post something. I really want to learn to bend and play blues, I’ve played drums since I was 10 and I am 52 now. Everytime I play, I get so many folks come up to me just to tell me how much they enjoy it, not sure if it’s because I am in Northern California and you dont often if ever hear it or what. BTW, it is illegal to text while you drive, but it isnt illegal to pllay harp! I am on the road as a salesman and get my best practice in a traffic jam.
Love playin’.

I also play for our church praise team, but haven’t become skilled enough that I feel comfortable with the harp yet. So for now I’ll stick with my keyboard, but your comment about driving while playing kind of hit home. I was “practicing” while driving while going through a small town coming to work and was so into it, I forgot to slow down. $125.00 speeding ticket. Now if I can just play the harp as fast as I drive, I’ll be in good shape. :smiley: What songs have you found that fit the harp? I’ve done Amazing Grace of course, but am wondering if you’ve found any others that are a natural fit?

Howdy Stanbo!

Great stories there, keep em coming!


I was “practicing” while driving while going through a small town coming to work and was so into it, I forgot to slow down.

Combover, check it out:

One night, I was on the Ohio Turnpike heading east to get to New York by morning. Back then the speed limits were spilt 65 for four-wheelers/55 for big trucks. Unfair doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface there. But it was also just as the CDL was going in to affect! And Buckeye Smokies were out in force and en masse!

So I was tooling along about 54 or so up a hill, then let the tractor-trailer’s weight cruise it down the other side. Only got up to 59!

Hidden in a cove without any other CB alerts about him being there, the rollers come out!

MthrFkr! Smokie sits me in his car and I had a harmonica in my hand. He asked if I could play, I did. A little Oh Susannah and some When The Saints Go Marching In!

Thinking it might help me out with just a warning! Well, he said:

‘Pretty good there, driver! You’re the first trucker I ever heard that plays a harmonica. Keep it up, might take you places. Oh, yeah, here’s your ticket. Drive safely! Bye-bye!’

Well like I said it was just before the CDL went through. So Smokies were out writing tickets left and right because nobody knew what was going to happen afterwards.

Truth be told, I actually got 11 speeding tickets going through Ohio! The BmFk Buckeye state of Ohio. Once the CDL went through, we had heard all of the tickets prior would be forgiven.

I waited, and never paid a one! And never had any problems since. Well at least where Ohio was concerned! Hehe!

Practicing is great in cars/big trucks - But the first order of being on the road anywhere is: Pay Attention To Your Driving Always!

Keep on harpin’!

Great Story Stanbo,

I have a pretty good worship team at my church also, I keep hinting around to the worship leader that I play harmonica seeing if he’ll
ask me to join. I’m thinking maybe he wants me to just flat out ask him. But I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.

I’m actually a salesman too drive a snap-on tool truck around all day and yes I play alot between stops.

What songs have you found that fit the harp? I've done Amazing Grace of course, but am wondering if you've found any others that are a natural fit?

Comboverguy I recorded a couple of songs, (amateur recordings!) here I’ll link you to them one is as the deer panteth for the water here’s the link

The other is Shout to the Lord here’s the link

Its not real hard to do if your interested let me know basically get the tab learn the song down load a backing track that fits
maybe a midi file record on your computer and don’t forget to add a dash of reverb for effect makes all the difference.

Harp On!!

Well combover, it started with Nothing but the blood. I kinda just played the harmony. You being a keyboard guy will have it easier. I’m a drummer which means I can read and play rhythms, not notes. It came out really cool, it was all improv. A couple more hymn, you know, then last week a praise song called “Jesus, Lord of Heaven”. It was so cool, and I was nervous cuz we only went thru it twice, like 10 minutes rehearsal time. I played again the harmony, joined in on the melody during the chorus’, then did like a descant/harmony to the bridge. It was good.

I try to only play where there is a traffic jam, or no traffic at all. I-5 in Central/Northern California is a great studio!

Just listened to your stuff Joe Feeney…AWESOME!
Dude, Show up for rehearsal with your harps. If nothing else, you get comfortable playing with the team, even if you are not on the stage on Sunday. Try to just play background harmony, you will be blown away at how easy it is. If it sounds good, the leader will hear it, and you are in.

Thanks Stanbo!!

Harp on!!

Hymns to try:
In the Garden
Just As I Am Without One Plea
Holy Holy Holy
Faith of Our Fathers
Blessed Assurance
Sweet Hour Of Prayer

try : they have lots of hymns.
Remember your not playin for the congregation, it’s for the Big Guy upstairs and he has already heard you.

So true So True!!!

I think I’ll remember that wherever I end up playing…

Harp on!!