getting into harmonica

Hey hows it going guys
So i had this harmonica i bought way back it’s been a year sitting on my desk in the’s a hohner bluesband i bought it for about 6 bucks fiddled around with it like a kid for a day or two.Then it sat on my desk since the whole year so now i’ve decided to actually play it,i was wondering if you guys could give me some advice

Hey Shock! Welcome.
Grab some of the free lessons here and elsewhere.
Of course there are DVD and on line lessons.
You can get the rude basics with the bluesband, but when you
start to try to bend, you will want a better tool like a Golden Melody
or Special 20. There are many great harmonicas, and the price goes
up, up, and away. The two I mentioned are great to start with and even
to stick with when you progress to higher levels.
Let us know if you need ANYTHING.