Getting my "collection" put together.

I’ve figured out which harps I’d like to have in my little collection of harmonicas. Since I like the lower pitched harps I’m going for G,A and C and I’m going to get all Lee Oskar’s in Major, Natural Minor and Harmonic Minor.
So far I’ve got in order, lower to higher Dm Natural Minor(Gm Natural in 1st Position) and Gm Harmonic Minor so I just need to get the G Major for my G set to be done. I’ve got A Major and Am Harmonic Minor so I just need to get Em Natural Minor(Am in 1st Position) to complete my A set and I’ve got a C Major and Gm Natural Minor(Cm in in 1st Position) so I just need to get a Cm Harmonic Minor to complete my C set.
I’ve got a Low F and I may pick up a Bb Major and D Major just to round things out but the G,A and C sets are my major priority right now.
Collecting can be almost as much fun as playing and since they’re only around $30 bucks it doesn’t break the bank to buy one every now and again. ;D

I like your plan, TNF!

I’m interested in the Paddy Richter tuned, Melody Makers, and those Natural Minors you speak of!

All soon enough!

Keep On Harpin’!