Ghetto Quiche recipe video

it’s easy, delicious, and almost nutritious.
Ghetto Quiche / Bogdon’s Kitchen of Love

Ya that actually looks good…I could almost smell it through the computer.

harp On!!

Lets Eat!!!

I agree, Joe! It does look quite good! Maybe I’ll have to make a vid of some HOBO soup! ;D
Job well done, Bogdon. :wink:

Mhmmmmm…lookin’ good!

Tyson, what is Hobo Soup? perhaps we need a Harmonica Players recipe section?

The version of Hobo soup/stew is anything each person has to offer gets thrown in the pot and cooked together. Kinda the same as stone soup. It never turns out the same and I’ve taken part in many batches of Hobo stew and never had a bad batch.

Thanks, Paul. I had a recept typed out a couple days ago and the site crapped out and lost it.
Anyways, It’s good on those cold winter days, especially the second day. ;D