goin to see.... willie 'big eyes' smith ..and .. rick hatfield this friday.

big eyes is at dunedin, fl wine 'n the blues a yearly local merchant blow out downtown park.
rick is just 3 blocks away at a local pub called jollymons. :slight_smile:

both just a few blocks from my house. lucky me-
i am just barely a beginner so i will be soak’in it all up.
willie i have just learned has deep deep blues/harmonica roots.
i am cranked.
harmonica grasshopper.

have fun & rock on, yo!

keep us posted…

[center]Looks like your in for a fun time ;D

Wish I was there in the nice warm state of Florida, listening to these to guys play 8)

Willie “big eye” Smith 2008


Harp On!!

thanks guys.
just discovered rick estrin on utube. whoooaaaawwwww.
got the swager and chops.

rick hatfield - my first live listen from the perspective of a beginner.
he was (and the jimmy griswold band) good.they performed at a small open air scaleywag type restaurant (music was better that the food)…
but music is kinda food anyway… so there ya go. :slight_smile:
lots of fast tight clean notes. rick is a medium build man with not so big hands - when he was working that harmonica i could barely see his checks move air.
he had a old style steamer trunk medium/small size sitting on end up front on stage. on top of that there was a open wood case full of all the 10 hole hohners also there were 2 large diatonics and one large non diatonic near by.
he would smoothly reach down and interchange harps during a song. very cool…
tonite we take in big eyes.
thanks for lookin and have a greatday.

…well its sunday morning now. party is over. willie was sweet. his 3 piece band was so so - they played for about 45 minutes before willie came out. sound level was distractingly loud for me (not the harmonica level though). the harmonica was amped loud and very clear and sweet. i just love that sound. of course he made it look sooooo coooool while playing. man -he has some shinney shoes.
he looked good and got everyone feeling good.
the venue was free so there was a lot of people.
swagger + chops = mojo

Cool review, Paul!

Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Gotta say though that Morgan Freeman is so damn talented even his ‘doppelganger’ Willie ‘Big Eyes’ Smith really rocks the house too! Or maybe that should be vice-versa, eh? Either way, have you ever seen the two together? Me neither! Hehehehe!!

Yet here’s another clip of Willie with his legendary and lifelong friend Pinetop Perkins:

Pinetop Perkins and Willie “Big Eyes” Smith - Joined At The Hip

I have several of Pinetop’s recordings on cd; and all of Bluesland and beyond is rooting for him to make that Century-Young mark July 7, 2013!

For those not familiar with, definitely a Boogie Woogie man who deserves a couple of clips here in his honor. Enjoy!!

Pinetop Perkins and Friends

Mitch Woods’ Boogie Woogie Blowout featuring Pinetop Perkins

Has Rick Hatfield ever performed with Charlie McCoy? I’m just wondering :smiley: