Golden Melody - shape

I wonder why there aren’t more harmonicas shaped like the Golden Melody? I find it so much more comfortable to hold. The Special 20 is a little easier for me to get single notes consistently, but as soon as I start trying to incorporate hand technique I go back to the Golden Melody. Are there other models with a similar shape that are worth trying? Not that I’m unhappy with the GM, just curious…

I don’t think you’ll find any diatonic as “big” as the GM…

Interesting… I hadn’t even noticed it was bigger overall. The thing I like about it are the rounded sides. The squared ends on the S20 and most others jab me in the palm and it gets uncomfortable after a while.

I found one called Huang Star Performer with a similar shape, but it looks like it might be an el-cheapo and I have never seen that brand mentioned in any of the harmonica sites/books I have been reading.

a french manufacturer and customizer BRODUR make some really cool stuff. It’s a bit expensive, but the harps are really nice and unique, with great sound, “OB ready”, and made with very rare materials.

Wish i spoke French :frowning:

Harp On!!

Yeah, they had some pretty ones. I think I’d better get beyond “Taps” before getting something fancy like that. :wink:

one of the best Brodur ambassador we do have here : Paul Lassey
Blues shuffle in G - Brodur “Paul Lassey” Signature in key C

he’s also a great harp teacher…