Good beginner songs, licks, or riffs?

[glow=red,2,300]I’m a beginner. All I know how to do really is: bend, basic chugging, play Mary had a little lamb, the riff of American idiot, and 2 basic licks.
[glow=red,2,300]I will take any advice your willing to give.[/glow] Thanks for the help.
GOD bless… ;D

PS… I have a [glow=red,2,300]Hohner BluesBand [/glow] if that makes any differences.[/glow]

Do a run through of JP’s Blogs and Harmonica Lessons, all available starting from here:

Am sure you’ll find plenty of things there to keep you busy for quite awhile!

Good luck!

Keep On Harpin’!

Thank you man.
Im going to have to wait till tonight where im around a computer with sound. :’(
Hopefully worth the wait!

I really like the Manish Boy rythm that JP uses in his lesson.
I’ve downloaded the following You Tube videos to play along with using that beat.
Manish Boy by Muddy Waters
Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood
The Wasteland by Elton John

All three are great to jam with & play slightly different versions of the beat.

That was actually the first thing I learned.

Manish boy/Wasteland/Bad to the bone are great songs.
These will keep you busy for years!

I now have learned: golden heart by neil young!