Good evening gentlemen

Yo folks, my name’s Auver and I’m from Norway.

I’ve played harmonica for like a year or so, about 1 time per week on average, so I’m not very good. With school and all that stuff I don’t get much time to do it, but I hope I’ll squeeze in some more time for the harmonica. I just saw JP Allan on youtube some time ago and subscribed for the heck of it, I haven’t really used any of his videos yet. I watched one video though, and that was very helpful, so when I get time I’ll start watching all the videos one by one. :slight_smile:

That’s the story of my harmonica life.

Hi Auver,

Welcome to the forum!!

I’m happy to hear that you started practicing with the lessons…once a week is a good start…you will really notice progress if you try to put in at least 5 minutes a day.

It’s OK to take your time with each lesson…I personally believe that the more grounded you are in the basics, and the more fun you’re having, the more likely you are to fall in love with the harmonica and play it for life…

Have fun with it and keep us posted!


Auver, keep the harmonica in your pocket, and just play and have fun every chance you get.
I’m lousy at “disciplined practice”. Just discovering all of the sounds my harmonica makes is a joy.
Never quit, never, never quit.

Hi Auver ,

Goodluck to you with your harmonica journey have fun and mostly have fun!!

If you get stuck come on the forum and give us a chance to help you out ok ;D

Good advise from JP and Mcmanus above yup keep the harp with always,

Harp on!!

Howdy Auver!

We have other members here from your neck of the woods! :slight_smile:

If ya’ll bump into each other online, maybe ya’ll find ways to hook up offline and start jammin together! ;D

In any event: Welcome!

Have fun!

Keep on harpin’!

Wow, didn’t expect so many responces in such a short time! Thanks fellas!

That’s a good idea, but I have this idea in my head that I can’t play the harmonica with a dirty mouth. I usually brush my teeth before playing, is this necessary at all or can I play pretty with a dirty mouth as well? (obviously not right after I’ve been eating)

Yeah, I probably won’t quit, but the time spent playing might varie, I’ll try to play as much as I can. :slight_smile:

Heh, yeah that’d be fun, my main instrument is piano so they could do most of the harping if necessary. :stuck_out_tongue: There’s nothing that’s more fun than a good jam, in my opinion.

5 minutes per day shouldn’t really be a problem, there’s just so many things distracting my attention. Plus that I’m not sure if people trying to their homework appreciate me blowing my harp in the middle of their work! :slight_smile: (I live at my school)

I know what u mean! I have to quit playin when my wife gets home from work!
If I really need to keep workin on something I go outside and sit by a tree and keep practicing, this is only hard when playing along with a DVD/CD. When I get my J.P. LESSONS I am hoping I can load them on my MP3 player so I can carry my lessons with me.

Talking about having to quit for the wife: When my wife comments on my noise, like, “You don’t have any instruments that aren’t loud, do you,” I reply very sweetly, “I’ll be glad to start back on trumpet again. Remember I used to work out for hours a day when I played seriously. That’s a pretty quiet instument, isn’t it?” I usually get a cold stare, but she leaves me alone for at least 5 minutes.
Actually, my wife is very supportive of my harping. She uses my rendition of an old Gospel song Grandpa (actually her G’pa but I claim him too) used to sing from the pulpit all the time, “I AM DETERMINED” for her ringtone. She’s a great girl. Not too bad looking either.

BB out of it

Back in another ‘lifetime’ living in Southern Cali was a traveling studio photographer. Shot tons of people in such places as Hollywood, Santa Barbara, SF, just to name a few.

Yet nothing thrilled me more than when I got the good kids with the great looking families! Or sometimes the good looking wife wanting to give a special present to her hubby; or good looking guy doing the same for his better half! Made the whole job worthwhile!

Sounds to me, BB, you and your kin would’ve been one of them!

Rock on, yo!!