Good harp low maint.

I am looking to get a D harp, I have an A and C both SP 20’s. I was going to get a MB but it looks like there is a lot of premaintenance work for those. I’m still pretty new, around 6 months of serious praticing. I started with a cheap toy to see if it was something I would really like to persue. I moved on to a Hot Metal, then SP 20’s. What other harmonicas don’t require a lot of tuning and sealing?

Give a Lee Oskar a try.

I started with a SP20, and they are great but I do like the Lee Oskar 1910s.

I think Suzuki Bluesmaster and the Seydel Blues Session are good harps, and pretty comparable to a Special 20. Tose two are perhaps a bit easier to bend “out of the box”. About the same price too. I have all three and like them pretty much equally, they are so close in quality. The main difference is design and the feel that causes. Compared to Sp.20, the Suzuki is a little skinnier top to bottom and maybe a touch shorter front to back, it’s a touch brighter in tone I think. The Seydel is about the same front to back but a touch fatter top to bottom.

All the above mentioned harps are very good however it is a matter of personal choice. The Lee Oskars & Seydels are slightly larger than the Sp20s. The Bluesmasters are excellent harps. If you have facial hair then a harp with full covers may be more comfortable than the open ended harps eg I have heard some complain about the Lee Oskars grabbing their hair. As you are new to playing I would avoid wooden bodied harps & stick with the plastic ones.

Oh, don’t worry about the facial hair. That whisker will only get caught once and all the great ones threw in an occasional hoot or yelp. Who’s to say that wasn’t a pulled whisker?

Anyone try a Hohner Midnight Blue?

A dab of clear fingernail polish at the point that grabs the whisker will fill the void, turning the whiskers away instead of grabbing them. Works on all Harp brands.

I purchased one, and found it is a little harder to bend on than the SP20’s, and takes alittle more air. I do like the look of it.