Good Night, Irene...Irene, Good Night!

So how did ya’ll fare through Irene’s visit to the states:

Over here in Northeastern PA, about 100 miles due west of NYC, we had a lot of wind and rain. Neither hearing nor seeing anything of concern as our fellow states went through, well, as the skies cleared up, the sun came out to say it’s good-nights for the day until tomorrow.

Hope you and yours were/are safe and sound if Irene passed through your neck of the woods!


Near miss on the house :-\

I didn’t like that deck any ways :o

Probably be without power for a week >:(

I need a shower already :stuck_out_tongue:

Harp On!!

Interestingly enough, the day of calm before the storm, I began doing a major clean-up of my yard. {Last one I did was about 5 years ago, long before my truck rollover two years ago. Anywhat…}

So I cut/pruned several hundred pounds of old branches off the four big trees in front of the house, and dragged everything over to the woods across the street. They look nice now.

As I sat on the porch during the winds/rains, the trees swayed and a few more branches fell – But all made it through no worse for the wear.

Looking at the many pictures of fallen trees and branches virtually everywhere Irene visited – it occurred to me that most lighter ones held up while the heavier ones didn’t. Had these big old trees been cut/pruned periodically or even just prior to, methinks a lot less damage would’ve taken place.

Along the same vein, watching the news coming out of New Jersey, and saying I’m a big fan of Gov Chris Christie… well, he did a great job getting people out and prepared for the oncoming havoc. However, when he appeared on Fox and said the damages would be in the billions just in his state alone – I thought how could he possibly know this?!

Granted several people including children sadly lost their lives, but it could’ve been far worse. Then seeing this story this morning, methinks the people of the East Coast really did prepare for the worst, and things will actually work out for the best:


For those who are wondering how you managed to get online and post without power…

The way I figure it is that that Sears Craftsman Generator and that Sears Craftsman WIFI hookup on that Snap-On tool truck of yours really came in handy this go around…again! :smiley:

Laters, yo!

Good to hear you are both safe and well from Irene. Living downunder in Queensland we know too well the devastation and havoc these storms can have on a community.

Ah something like that spd. I got a big huge invertor in my truck extension chord keeping my fridge running tv watching dvds and one to my pump keeping basement dry.
Laptop in my truck mifi giving me WiFi.

Sounds like y’all are taken care of! It sure would be a tragedy for this world to have a few harpists out of commision!

Peace Out!