Gotta great deal on a new Blues Harp

I receive e-mail alerts from Sam Ash music and came across one for a $25 store credit on any purchase. Was able to head over to the store and pick up a new Hohner Blues Harp in F for $15!

Not pluggin anyone, just really stoked and thought I’d pass along that some places make these kinds of deals from time to time and if you can catch them they are a great way to get stuff cheap.

Whats the website for that?


If you sign up for their e-mail alerts, they really do send out good deals usually once a week. If you’re a strict harp player or just getting started (like me) most of it doesn’t apply, but if your into guitars and other instruments/equipment you’ll find pretty good deals.

There’s an actual store here in San Antonio so I’m lucky. They already mark down most of the harps $10-$15 dollars to begin with so a $50 harp will sell for $35-$38 dollars. Prices are about the same as Amazon or most other places online. Plus I can get it now instead of waiting. I haven’t ordered anything from them online, so not sure how good their website is.

I think the coupon I used was only for this past weekend, though.