Greatest Teacher ever

Hey JP and Community.

My name is Ryan, and I have been takin JP’s lessons about 2 weeks now, and I just finished Mastering the bend, and am beginning Blues.

I must say, that JP has the most easy method of learning ANYthing. My goal is to be able to stand on a corner, play my heart out, and open up doors to share my faith in Jesus with people who may never otherwise hear.

Thank You JP, your DVD’s are well worth it!!

Howdy Olo!

just finished Mastering the bend, and am beginning Blues.

Sounds like you’re taking names and kicking butt! ;D

And this only after two weeks at that! :o

Hope to hear how you’re doing two weeks hence! :smiley:

Keep us posted! :wink:

Oh and Welcome! :slight_smile:

Rock on, yo!

Hi Olofob,

That’s an odd handle, what’s it mean :-\

Seems like the Holy Spirit is getting a hold of you watch out everyone :o

That’s great, I play a lot of tunes and some of my favorites are what I hear in Church on Sunday.

This past Sunday it was IN Christ Alone. Got it so I can play it pretty good right now.
Awesome song, just looking for a backing track to play with it.

Well God Bless you and your harp playing, it looks like your well on your way :wink:

If you get stuck ask your questions here there’s a lot of friendly folk here that will try and help
you out ;D

Harp on!!

I found a LOT of instrumental music at the local library to use as background music, both Faith and Christmas tunes.

Hi Ryan,

I’m so stoked to hear that your enjoying the lessons and finding them fun and easy to learn!

Keep up your practice and I’m sure you will reach your goal of bringing joy and celebration to other people’s lives…that is the beauty and magic of it all…in the sharing…

Looking forward to hearing more from you,

Your harmonica buddy,


Thanks for the replies everyone!!!

That's an odd handle, what's it mean

it stands for a verse of Scripture- Ephesians 4:5 One Lord One Faith One Baptism.

Has anyone used Skype to do an online jam session here? I think that would be unreal. I don’t have too many people around here, who have the time to jam, or the desire :stuck_out_tongue:

Talk later



open mic jam session here, read this thread hope to see you there.!/msg2865/#msg2865
Harp on!!