Greeting from Central Illinois

After admiring harmonica players for years, I finally decided to introduce it to our small garage band.

About a month and a half ago I picked up a Suzuki Promaster MR350 in C and a copy of David Harp’s book and CD. Lots of fun.

I found some harp tab for instrumental solos of a couple of songs our band currently plays to add variety to our sound and it has worked well.

I find it easy to play tab, but although I read music, trying to read music and play it on the harmonica has me stumped… so far!

After I finish the David Harp Book, i guess I’ll spring for the JP Allen intro course. I hear good things about it.

Understanding the “positions” was difficult until I learned these were just playing the key of the harmonica in different modes.

Well, life’s all about the journey; I know the final destination. :frowning:

Hello to all…

Hi Gars, happy to meet you. I look forward to reading your future posts and see how these courses play into your music. :slight_smile:

Baby steps…

We’re using a train riff as an intro to Folsom Prison Blues.

Basically two bars of train wheels and then a whistle. This repeats all the while getting louder. We then have the lead guitar do the little intro and then everyone joins back in.

If I got a harmonica holder I could do some train stuff during the song, but you’ve got to be careful not to overdo it.

We’re also using a one verse instrumental of the harmonica doing Amazing Grace. It’s really a new sound. I’m amazed at how little you have to know to play this and how much people think you have to know!

What I’m really wanting to do is to be able to jam along with a band and not embarrass myself or overpower others. Just a short riff at the end of a passage.

I go to a coffee shop over in Charleston, IL that has a couple of harmonica players that hang out there during the country jam sessions and I’m hoping to pick their brains next Friday.


“I’m amazed at how little you have to know to play this and how much people think you have to know!”

That’s what I keep hearing! I’m super happy about that, too.

Your description of the song sounds great. If there’s a way to post or send a youtube link of you guys playing, if you record it sometime, I’d love to hear it.

No youtube, but here’s a picture of us hammering it out in August of this year at the Decatur Celebration in Decatur, IL.

We’re on the level of the band that opens for the band that opens for the band… ;D

But we have fun and have never had tomatos thrown at us!