Greeting from Hong Kong

Hi JP, I come from Hong Kong.

Your free lessons are so great for me. I got a Hohner Pro Harp a few years ago. However, I didn’t know how to play it and gave it up finally. In HK, it’s hard to find a good course for 10-hole harmonica and even for the material. Here is my story for getting back my passion in learning 10-hole harmonica.

A few weeks ago, I started joining a beginner course for Tremolo Harmonica. The teacher asked us to buy a professional one for accelerating the study. I knew that, Tombo is professional in Tremolo Harmonica, and occasionally, I found Hohner SP 20 was in good comments.

So, I went to the musical instrument shop and bought both. Thanks to YouTube, I found your instruction video and it was quite easy for me to follow. I understand that, I need to build every technique from the bottom, starting with the “Deep Relaxed Embouchure”. 8)

Finally, your enthusiasm and passion shows me that, your beginner DVD bundle is worth to buy. ;D

By the way, I placed my order on 3-Jul-2011, but I haven’t got the confirmation letter with the tracking number and link yet. Is it due to the US holidays? ???

Thank you.

Howdy Simon!

Am sure your confirmation will be in the mail soon…



Keep On Harpin’!

Pleased to meet you!

Best of Luck on your Harpin’ Journey!


Welcome! Pull up a seat and have a chair! Drinks are on the house! Watch your step up there.

Thank you for everyone’s welcome.

While I am waiting the DVDs to come to my home, I have finished watching the sections of “Getting Campfire Ready” and “Core Essentials” online. I followed the instructions in the video and finally found that…COOL~~~ I could feel the progress!!! I am going forward.

Especially, the “bending” part of “Core Essentials” is really amazing.

By comparing with videos that from others, I found that JP is not showing off but teaching us how to achieve it by doing some tongue exercise.

Now, I will not say “Bending is impossible for me” anymore.

Finally, I have my DVD bundle set on my hand now. I will start my complete harmonica course tomorrow.

Happy harpin’

Good luck!


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Keep On Harpin’!