Greeting from Malaysia

My name is Keeyen Pang from Malaysia, in the state of Sabah, the land below the wind. I learn to play harmonica in high school but since then didn’t play until now. I would like to learn to play with the proper way so I joint JP lesson. I have go through about 20 lessons so far. Its great to be able to meet player here and hang around.

Welcome! Ask a question when you get stumped, Post a sample of your playing when you get comfortable. We are all learning this together!

Hello Mr Paulbunyn, Will post a short clip when my playing is “postable” :). I have go through until lesson 58 since I take up the lesson about two weeks ago. I think I’ll stop here for a while to build up some basic before go for bending, which is totally new to me. It is really amazing after so many lesson JP still hasn’t teach a song but focus on what he call " core technic" which is also totally new to me.