Greeting from the midwest

Good Morning,
It’s icy and cold here in the midwest and I’m glad I found this website. I started learning in July of this year I never played any kind of music before so at the age of 65 I decided to learn the harmonica and boy what a challenge and a joy to learn. So the journey begins I try to pratice at least 30 min a day. It’s going slow but I sure enjoy it.

Thanks for letting me be a part of the forum

Hi Jerry
I have just started and am finding some things slow but good fun as well. It’s a great feeling when you eventually get something right. You know what they say though, slow and steady wins the race.
Good luck

Hi Jerry,

good luck to ya and have fun its a challenging instrument but yoy will have lots of fun with.

harp On!!

Kick back by the fire and enjoy your music. It’s a great day to play.

Hello Jerry (an blueguern),
Welcome to the forum! You will find lots of help, information and very good people here.
You may want to look at websites and also. Most of the people here you willfind at the CLUB and it has a live chat room to talk play and learn from some very good harp players. Best of luck with your new addiction! There is no cure!

Hello, Jerry! Welcome to the sight! I’ve just been playing 2 years and I love it!
One word of caution, playing harmonica will give you ‘GAS’. It will probly hit you at about the 6 month to one year mark. Watch out, it can get costly! But, don’t let it scare you, because it’s all FUN!! ;D

Hello Jerry…I am new also, but this is a great place to learn as well as have some fun!


Hey Jerry,

Way to go! I’m so happy you’ve taken up the harmonica and are already practicing up to a half an hour a day!

Keep at it and there is a great support group here on the Forum, if you have any questions or concerns or challenges please post them and you’ll be sure to get a response.

Your harmonica buddy,


Howdy Jerry!

No matter one’s age, background, whatever - The harmonica is definitely a great unifier and wonderful satisfier to be sure!

As in anything else you wish to learn and hopefully become accomplished at/with: Gotta have a plan, man (and woman)!

Fret none though, as it’s the journey rather than the destination itself that makes it all worthwhile!!

For myself, having spent this past year in the Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) mode –

This coming year, now that I know what I want and where I desire to go with everything – I can/will be more selective and discriminate in my overall investments.

Now as I go from here to there, well, it has been and is: Just plain fun!

So Welcome!


Enjoy Yourself!

Keep on Harpin’!

Hey Jerry, welcome to the world of harmonicas and music, from Albany, NY. We are having the same type of weather you’re having. You’re just a kid, I started a couple of years ago at age 70 and now I’m 58, that’s what playing the harmonica does. Watch a lot of JP Allen’s You Tube videos, and don’t practice, play! If you place time constraints (30 min. a day) it’s practice, but if you carry a harp with you at all times, to all places and just play you’ll do great in a short period of time.


Hey SPUD did you ever count your harps? I don’t remember seeing a total.

My Guess He’s Got TWO OR THREE!!


Thing is, truthfully, honestly…

I haven’t counted them all yet. As an approximation I have upwards of 40-50+, maybe more. I have my favorites, but many others have little or absolutely no play on them whatsoever.

Thing is, truthfully, honestly…

This coming year, I’m actually looking to reduce my inventory in some areas while growing it yet in still others.

I could probably sell off a few in hopes of getting some $$s back.

However instead, I think I’d like to work on them - y’know gapping, sterilizing, etc. - then find some suitable places to make a donation e.g. military kids and so forth.

Yeah, it’s too late for this holiday season; but hey, Chinese New Years is coming up!

And sure, when I finally do get a BB “'round tuit” – Well, I’ll come back and let you know what the tally is/was!

Keep On Jammin’!