Greetings and Happy Holidays from Minnesota.

My name is Gary and I’ve been messing with guitars for the better part of twenty years. Don’t consider myself very accomplished but I love to try. Picked up a marine band harp a couple a weeks ago and have been enjoying the heck out of it. Decided to take it to the next level and ordered the Special twenty. I can bend some notes on the Marine band but I do find it challenging. The dvd instruction set is on its way as well. Little anxiety, feeling like a little kid at christmas! ;D

Welcome! Now your hooked! You’ve scratched the itch and now you’ve got GAS. (gear acquisition syndrome)

Greetings! Where at in MN? I was born in Owatonna, and lived there and in the Springfield/Morgan area. I would love to go back and live in that great state!

Gas huh? LOL I'm hoping the special twenty will end that phase for a while. I do need a holder so I can play my strat for accompaniment.

Burning Thunder, I'm from Mankato. I grew up out in Madison Lake, that's 10 miles east of Mankato, on hwy 60.

Oh yeah, I know the place!


Greetings Happy Holidays.