Greetings From Brazil

Hi everyone!

My name is Diego Faria and im from Santa Catarina - Brazil.
I have 20 years old and beginning to play this cool instrument :slight_smile:
Now i`ll dedicate myself to learn how to play harmonica!

Nice to meet this forum and you all!

Glad you could join us!

Good to meet you too! Best of Luck on your journey with harmonica!

Hi Diego

Good luck to you and have fun learning let us know if we can help you along some.

Harp On!!

Hi Diego

I’m 3 weeks in and having fun! Welcome to the forum. Keep practising - it just gets better and better.

Bienvenido y Hola, Nuestros Nuevo Amigo Diego!

Mucho gusto!

Mucho fiesta aqui!

Buena Suerte!

“Han Arpa, Viajará!” 8)

Show off.

Snicker, Snicker!.. Good one BT! ;D


Hey Diego,

Thanks for joining the Forum, as you can see we have a fun group here, but don’t think anyone speaks Portugeuse. I love Brazilian music! So smooth and rhythmic.

Let us know if we can help you out with your playing or have any questions.

Your harmonica buddy,