Greetings from Canada

Hi there everybody, I’m Glenn. I’m from Moncton, NB. I’ve been playing around with the harmonica for about 2 months now. Bought a couple of Special 20’s in C & G. Thought I would try this course. The way it is presented with just a personal touch, was what I was looking for. Looks like it is going to be a lot of fun. Looking forward to it.

Exactly what is the course you decided to pursue?

Hey Wayne, I went with Happy Harpin as I only started a couple of months ago. I already know how to do single notes and what a cord is. Also know what a 12 bar blues progression consists of. This from other teachers on the internet. So almost went with Breakthrough Blues. But I like JP’s style of teaching, and figured there are probably some real gems in here that I can benefit from, so started with this one. After I finish this one, I’m going to purchase Breakthrough Blues.


Is Breakthrough Blues also taught by JP, and do you know what he charges for that course?