Greetings from Colorado

Charles here from the plains of eastern Colorado. I’m 49 but will turn 50 in February. I have 7 kids ranging from 24 to 5 in age–4 still left at home and 2 grandkids.

I play guitar but not very well. I used to be able to play a few songs on a harmonica but forgot all I once knew. I bought JP’s course and am going to try to learn it right this time.

That’s all.

Wow good luck to you Charle’s 7 Kids 4 still at home how do you
find the time.

Harp On!!

Charlie, you’re a good man. The best of luck!

Pleased to meet you! Best of Luck on your Harp Playing!
–Burning Thunder

Hey Burning Thunder, pleased to meet from Albany NY. I just want to warn you that there is absolutely not evidence that playing the harmonica will prevent pregnancy, regardless of how good JP’s course helps you.


[u][i][b]there is absolutely no evidence that playing the harmonica will prevent pregnancy[/b][/i][/u]

Nor will it cause sterility… ;D

Am just saying… :wink:

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

Whoa…that hit me like a back-handed hammer swing from a sailor…had to think for a minute. Are you inferring that I should get married? :wink: I’m 17 and the last older fella I talked to said he worse mistake was getting married and his second worse was having kids. Said women was the main problem with marriage. Now, no offense to any women out there, but just passing on the advice…
And yes…pleased to meet you to! If you are ever in the middle of nowhere south central nebraska feel free to drop in! ;D


P.S. Now I must say that being the oldest of 7, I did feel like a chord was struck there for a sec…F flat chord to be exact.

Burning Thunder, being from south central Nebraska, you are not all that far away from me.

That is true…drop by sometime! :wink:

Hey Burning Thunder, sorry’bout that I ment to send this to Charles, but if you ever do have 7 kids I suggest you think of marring that woman!!! It’d be cheaper in the long run!


Amen brother an thanks for clearing that up! lol


Howdy Charles,
Excuse all of us…we’re crazy, you know.


I figured that out. I should fit right in.

Hey Charles,

You sound like a very prosperous man.

I’m so happy to hear you got my lessons and are ready to begin. Have fun with it, and play as much as you can around and with your kids, and they’ll be getting into with you in no time…then, imagine the jams you will have!

Your harmonica buddy,