Greetings from Detroit

i’m a mailman / family man / garage band harpist. I’m not really a blues cat, i like a clean harp and i like the sound of different manufacturers for different songs. I really like playing double reed harps and unusual tuned 10 hole harps.
its all good for the soul.



Is that You in the picture,

Have fun in the forum.

Joe from Connecticut

Howdy Bogdon and WELCOME.
I too am a male man, a family man, and a garbage harpist.
“Wait a minute, that didn’t sound right.” Mr. Brown
Jokes aside, I’m glad you joined us. I can’t wait to here your garage band. Got any videos?


Hey Bogdon,

Glad to meet up with you here…would love to hear some clips of your 10 hole harping…sounds awesome!

I love producing unusual sounds from the harp as well…check out a clip of my gypsy harmonica at……it was a lot of fun putting it together…

Keep on posting,

Your harmonica buddy,


Here’s a little better link to bring you right to the
gypsy harmonica.

Harp On

Welcome, from Texas! ;D

Welcome from New York Yankee land (actually Albany).


thanks guys. I posted a tune today. it has its sloppy parts but i cant seem to put this whole song together no matter how many times i record it. I need “video overdub” lol anyway, its a harp version of Stairway to Heaven

Hey Joe, was that you over in the Harmonica Club forum w/ a picture of you in jail. Tyson, Joe (SPD) and I were in the chat room while you were lurking outside. Come on in and have a chat with us.


Yup Barry that was me .

I would love to be there with you guys but it wouldn’t work
with my family. I really cant play in the house thank god
I have a music studio ( snap on tool truck).

So the best I could do is listen to you guys play and text.

Harp On