Greetings from Ecuador

Hey guys/gals, greetings to everyone. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m 31 years old going 32 pretty soon. I used to play the Alto Sax 10 years ago, I was in my high school big band and after I graduated I kept playing for a couple of years by myself. Then it got boring… at the time I didn’t had any means to acquire new stuff to play and nobody else to play with. I still have my sax and I did want to start playing it again but it needs a few repairs and you can’t haul it everywhere.

I’ve always found the harmonica interesting, loved the sound and the feeling you get after you hear someone play it. I’ve had in my mind the wish to buy one but up until recently it was a passing thought and I kept forgetting to buy one.

So, last week I’m fooling around in Amazon and I found a really cheap harmonica and decided to buy it (Suzuky Easy Rider) to see if I could play it and decide if I like it or not. Now I’m loving the harmonica, I’ve been practicing every day when I get home and just yesterday I decided to buy the JP online classes. I’m quite happy so far. I was having trouble with single notes but problem solved with JP’s relaxed embouchure (did I spell that right?). Now I can play clear notes when I play slowly  and I’ve mastered Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and I’m working on Oh Suzanna.

Can’t wait to start playing blues.


Cool Beans, Yo!



Have Harp, Will Travel!

Felipe, Welcome to the group! Lots of helpful people here to help when you get stuck! Don’t be a stranger.

Hola yourself!

Pleased to meet you!

Peace Out!