Greetings from New Zealand

Hi All - OK so ive made the long promosed plunge and decided to actually learn how to play this little instrument - not just threaten and promise ;D

Ordered JP’s kit and waiting for that to arrive so go myself a Special20 C in the interim…

My family say mine is broken and i should take it back ???

Hi Neil,

Welcome to the forum and great to see you are about to start on the journey of learning the harp. Don’t worry about the family, we all go through the teasing of learning the instrument but who cares. Once you get the DVD’s you will be well on your way. Make sure you let us know how you are going and ask questions where you think you need help.

There are a lot of experienced players on this forum and they are all willing to assist. I live over the pond in Brisbane so if I can help just let me know but I have only been learning a short time… Pity about the Rugby score maybe next time it will be our turn.


Cheers Keith - It is fun learning how to play - and the forum looks like a wealth of talent and information…have a feeling i will be lurking in the posts a bit!!

You may think it is broken too sometimes as you first start learning, but you’ll get it down with a little practice.

Pleased to meet you!

YOu have made a good decision getting tangled with us…there should be someone here to answer just about any question!

Best of Luck on your Harpin’ Journey, you will enjoy it!

Peace Out!


If we cannot answer your question, you can bet there will be a debate!
Welcome to the Forum!

HI kiwi!

You family sounds like mine, lol. Let them suffer a bit, they will live, and learn to love it as you improve.

I know a couple guys from New Zealand, the accent puts a tickle in my tummy. Funny tho, the guys on here arent teasin’ you about your accent, but they have wayyyyy too much fun with my southern drawl.

Welcome to the forum, I’ve only been here a couple days and I fell in love pretty quick.

ang the southern redneck chic

Rednecks, Kiwis, Yanks, and more…Purdy funny accents all the way around fo shure!

Anyone pulls out a harp and starts jammin…Everything goes out the door and the fun starts happenin’! Yee haw!


“Have Harp, Will Travel!”

Hey there’s some lyrics I’m hearing there.


Harp On!!

Hey - thanks to all for the welcomes and the forum looks really good!!! (or sweet az) …as we say in New Zealand ;D

Ain’t thought about too much til you made mention of it…So just might be able to work all into a feeling the blues song yet!

Cool beans, JF!


Rock on, yo!

where abouts in nz you from neil.?
i am in chch. looking to jam

Hey Harpin!! I’m in the big smoke…pity!!! - what level are you at - i am still a serious beginner ;D

to bad
i hav been playin a few yrs off and on, turned 50 and decied to get more into it again