Greetings from Northern Ireland!

Hi everyone,

As the subject field suggests I am from not so sunny Northern Ireland, Belfast to be precise, and am a 23 year old student.

The harmonica has always intrigued me, for a small instrument it produces such a soulful sound. The size is, I think, another reason I was drawn to it, making it an instrument you can take nearly anywhere and always have on hand to cheer yourself up when needs be.

With all this in mind, a couple of weeks ago I decided that, having nothing more than the price of a single harmonica to lose, I should try and learn to play this instrument and ordered a Suzuki Bluesmaster in C; it arrived yesterday.

I have got all JP’s free lessons, and have been trauling through the net looking for anything that could help me on my way. Some of the posts on this forum have already proved very useful, and the people here seem friendly and willing to help to boot! For that reason, I decided to sign up. I look forward to pestering you all as soon as I hit a dead end…

Wow! Howdy IcO5! I’m not a number, but you can call me SPD for short!

Talk about synchronicity –

Just got out of a chatroom with a gent from NZ.

He said he was from Northern Island, but I read it as: Northern Ireland!

Was all confused, but got it straightened out. We laughed over the error!

But said he’d like to jam this Thursday online. Sounds like a plan here!

Oh and whether you hit dead ends or not - Feel free to stop by and drop a line anytime anywhere!


Keep on harpin’!

Welcome IcO5,

Good luck to you on your harmonica journey ;D

The forum is great place for you to get tips and post your accomplishments.

Like when you get ready, record yourself and post it up . Its a lot of fun and
will help you become a better player 8)

Make it fun but I warn you it can kind of take over your life :wink:

Harp On!!

I warn you it can kind of take over your life

Speaking from one to another who both apparently it seems have no lives - Is this good or bad?! :o

Just curious…

Rock on, yo!



Harp On!!

Hi Ic05,

Interesting handle.
Welcome here, I am only new myself but having a ton of fun. The guys will give you the encouragement to continue on to learn this little instrument.
It’s a sunny 20 degree C spring day down here so I hope the weather improves for you but anyway just keep on playing.

Hey fellow harper from Northern Ireland,

welcome to the forum community…glad to have you with us!!

I’m excited to hear that you’re enjoying the lessons…I’m sure you will find lots of support here and interesting topics to help you progress on your harmonica-way…

Your harmonica buddy,


Perhaps I should have mentioned that my name is Lee, lc05 does seem a bit impersonal, its my username for a lot of these things though so saves me from remembering a whole bundle.

Anyways, thanks for the warm welcome guys! Much appreciated…

Well Howdy Lee!

The brief about your handle was interesting. Guess you had to work at it, eh?

Meaning since OU812 was already taken!

Keep on jammin’!

Never ever a dull moment around with SPD on the job ;D ;D ;D

Harp on!!