Greetings from Portugal

I’m new at this forum (and I’m not a usual forum’s client) and there is a short presentation…
I started very lately to play, few month ago, when I did 35 years. It is the first instrument a learnt to play, so I’m a very beginner, but I’ve got lot of will to play better, and learning music theory as well…

I’ve got some nice diatonics (lots of Suzuki -manji c-pure harp g-firebreath c- hammond f, a hohner marine band Bb and a lee oskar Ab harmonic minor) and recently (days) started on the chromatic (swan 1664 - waiting for a chromatix scx 64), as I was not 100% happy with my bendings’pitches (but still working on them…)

see you

Welcome to the group! That is quite a collection of nice harps for a newby. Be patient with yourself and have FUN with the harp.
Also realize there is as much difference in the Diatonic and the Chromatic harp as there is between a flute and a piccolo. They are two totally different instruments.

Hi paulbunyn,

yes those are great harps. When I said few month, it’s almost a year and a half, so, I get some great presents from family for christmas and birthdays, etc…
But it is really addictiv! Sure I wouldn’t do it if I was a pianist!

Yes Diatonic and Chromatic are really very different. But i feel that even so, the progress we do with one reflects on the other in some manner…
I love the bendings possibilities of the diatonic (not a good overblower yet, still working on it - and even worst with overdrawing!!) and the portability (to play in the car it is perfect!). As for chromatic I love having all notes availlable with the exact pitch, and get 4 octaves to play.
I really cannot say I prefer one or the other!
I’m just trying to play both better every day, having fun doing it!

I inherited 2 Chromatics from my dad and my brother bought me another for Christmas several years ago. I decided to buckle down and really learn to play them and figured I would get a diatonic and start learning with the small one first. I found out they where different after I got hooked on the diatonics and have a set of 7. I am learning at Harmonica Academy, Jon Gindick, Adam Gussow, and here and I am in my Junior Year at the academy. I can bend but haven’t learned overblow/overdraw yet myself.
I haven’t studied at all with the Chromatics yet as I dove head first into the diatonics, but they are still in my sites for the near future.
Good to have you in the group!

Pleased to meet you! And it definitely looks like you got the bases covered as far as harps go!

Peace Out!


Hi Burning Thunder,

pleased to meet you too.
Sure for know i don’t intend to buy much more harps!
perhaps some curiosity, just for fun (marine band octave and swan senior bass probably will be nexts!)
Yes, it’s almost christmas again…

Welcome, to the harmonica highway of many melodies and harps.