Greetings from Rockville Centre, NY

Hi Folks. Very happy to find myself here in such fine company.
I’ve been lucky enough to trod this earth for 71 years.
I’m a proud member of the Long Island Harmonica Club. This organization has changed over the years from a tuxedo clad harmonica orchestra to a bunch of guys in jeans who just like to meet twice a month and play.
The music spans a wide spectrum from American Songbook to folk, to jazz, blues, to Asian, to … everything else. Lots of fun at those meetings.
I’ve been playing casually since I was a teenager, - entertaining nobody but myself.
I own lots of harps: chromatic, diatonic, and tremolo in many different keys. I’m always happy to learn new techniques and new tunes. These days I’m working on fast Irish dance tunes.
Trying also to get a little smoother using the rack with my guitar.
I wish they had youtube videos back in the 1960s.

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Hey @fryan happy to have you here! I know, right? It’s so much easier to learn all kinds of stuff now than it was before the days of the internet!

Next time I’m in New York, I hope to link up with you guys for a Long Island Harmonica Club meeting. Sounds like fun!

Would love to see your gear. I started a post for us to share our gear with each other here: Show us Your Harps, Mics, & Amps!

Aloha from Hawaii,