Greetings from Scotland

Hi and greetings from Scotland/UK.
My name is Stephen, I am 44 and until about 3 weeks ago I had never picked up or played the Harmonica. I had been away for a wee 2 day break in Glencoe, my Wife and I were driving home via Loch Ness, we drove round a corner and here was a young man in his late teens walking along the side of the road playing his guitar. I thought to myself “that’s dedication for you, I wish I had taken up an instrument when I was young.” I thought about what instrument I could have learned and the Harmonica came to my mind. The thought left my mind as quick as it had entered but 3 days later I was in a book/craft shop and there staring me in the face was a tin saying “Learn how to play the harmonica”. You can probably guess what I did next.
looking forward to learning from you guys

Howdy and welcome Stephen.
Let us know how it’s going for you.