Greetings From Swaziland

Been in love with the blues for years (mainly on the harp)

Decided to learn how to do it myself.



Welcome to this forum and the blues harp from Albany, New York. I also love the blues, especially Sonny Boy Williamson II go to You Tube and watch him play the blues the way the blues was played at the genesis of the Blues from the Mississippi Delta where Robert Johnson and the boys of the Blues started. These guys were masters at playing single notes and doing more with one note than most could do with cords. Sonny Boy once said “if your gona play a note, play the hell out of that note”.


Greetings Swaziland from the UK and welcome to the forum, sdgareth. We’re getting quite a diverse collective here now. BTW - this time last year my wife was in Malawi for 2 weeks. We had snow and horrible weather here - she was in 32 degrees there. I wasn’t jealous at all. Much.

Anyway - join the conversation. The more the merrier. I, too, lerv the blues. I can’t play bass much anymore due to falling apart so decided to go harping. 8)

Pleased ta meet ya!
Play 'em blues!

Right on G!

Happy harpin’


Well not sure if the hap’in is happy, I sound more like a cow giving birth. But keep on trying ::slight_smile: